A Guide to Second Person Point of View


Writing with a second person point of view can create an intensity that draws the reader into the story feeling that he is a primary character. This is very effective in providing a sense of urgency and a fun and exciting pace. However, this point of view is rarely used in novels that are full-length.


When readers pick up a fiction book to read, they expect to suspend their disbelief. The job of the author then is to maintain that suspension from the beginning of the novel to its end. It would be very difficult to use second person point of view for an entire novel.


There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of viewpoint. When using first person point of view, the author tells a story as if he were living the experiences himself. This type of viewpoint creates an intimacy and bond with the reader. Third person point of view is just like the first person but in this point of view, the events are related as though happening to another character. If the whole novel is done either in the first or in the third person point of view, the disadvantage is that the author and the reader are restricted to simply one point of view for the entire novel.


But, if the novel is written solely in the second person, you not only have the restriction of a single point of view but you are able to persuade the reader that the events, thoughts, and feelings were his own. If it is done in a prologue or a few short scenes, most readers will be willing to go along for the ride. It adds dimension to the story since it can give a fast paced energy.  Be sure to visit website here!


One of the intricately woven parts that create a compelling novel is pace. If you are the writer, you should be aware of precisely when to speed up the pace and when to slow it down. For all, a work of fiction done in second person point of view can be too much of a good thing unless you are a tremendously skilled author. Check this link to know more!


When writing in second person point of view it can add to certain stories but it can also become tiring if carried on for too long.


Second person point of view is used by authors who enjoy experimenting with unique style of writing. And, as the prevalence of multiple viewpoint writing increases, it will also increase scenes of second person point of view. If you are writing a multiple viewpoint story, you might try some second person scenes and see if you like the effect. Read more claims about writing at https://www.ehow.com/how_5932255_make-writing-ink.html.

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